Hikari 04-05

Hikari-04-5(Eng)This is the report of our disaster relief work on April and May. We mainly worked for helping park rebuilding project of Kazuma which is one of town in the Ishinomaki-city, Miyagi-prefecture and for visiting people and encouraging people mentally.

In this report you can read some story and check a chart of our work for the park in Kazuma on April and Maym and also you can check our relief work information through January to May.

Thank you for your heart for us and the people in Japan.

God bless you!


Hikari 02-3


Thank you for your visitation on this page.

This is the report of our disaster relief work on February and March.

We started to working for rebuilding the park of Ishinoaki-city with the residents, city, prefecture and other volunteers. God blessed and led our steps on each day.

Thank you for your visitation and heart for us and our work.  God bless you!


Hikari-01 This is the monthly report. It was really hard cold winter. The life in Tohoku is more harder than last years. Especially for the people who lives in the left houses in disaster area. Many people and houses were gone in those area.  The empty lots make people feel more loneliness and emptiness.  They need the people who stay together, the people who listen their heart, the people who knows love of God. May God send us to the people who need our help. God loves you.


Hikari-11-12 This is the monthly report. In the end of October we could have 4 Councilor from the U.S and could learn about PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). That was really meaningful for our work. It made us remember what our work is for. And after that our work became more to being with people.  We are appreciate for all support and prayer. We remember what you did and walk now. Thank you all brother and sister in Christ.   in Peace.


Hikari (Oct)

 Hikari-10  This is  the monthly report on October in 2011. We hope it helps you to know our past work. Thank you for your all prayer.


Hikari Aug-Sep

Here is the disaster relief work monthly report of Aug-Sep.

Please take a look!







Here is the report which we explain our relief work during the last three months. We hope that this report will help you to understand the condition of the disaster area, our work , and what God has done through us.

We want to say thank  you to everyone who have supported us. Without you, we could not accomplish what we have done. Please keep praying for Japan and people who have affected by the earthquake and tsunami.